The epic viking metal project of Elliot Vernon

A Warrior's Tale

Released 6th December 2010

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The Hall Of The Slain

I open my eyes and raise up my head, as sunlight streaks through windows up high
A horn lays on its side at my feet, in a puddle of ale gone awry
A hand to my face and a song in my head, i think back to the night before
A war-band of brothers on benches of oak, with drinking and feasting galore

Following hours of sword upon shield, a day spent in battle upon our fields
Coated in mail on our backs and our chests, in iron and leather we warriors are dressed
A glorious carnage, til sunset we fight, but most men have fallen long before night
Their bodies lie broken, their fingers are cold, no longer gripping the weapons they hold

The victors of the day, weary arms and splintered shields, as the sky turns gray
Marching now to home, Odin's hall atop the hill to drink their wounds away

Filling their horns with ale and with mead,
Home to Valhalla
Filling their tankards with more than they need
Their ranks never smaller
For those who were felled since the start of the day
Maybe tomorrow, their defeat they'll repay
They awaken that night with their bodies restored
They'll return to the battle with axe and with sword

The Hall of the Slain
We'll battle again
And drink ever after
The Hall of the Slain
The warrior's domain
Filled with song and with laughter

The Hall of the Slain
We'll battle again
And drink ever after
The Hall of the Slain
The warrior's domain
Filled with song and with laughter

Horns overflowing with ale and with mead,
Here in Valhalla
Boasting their victories and glorious deeds,
Their hearts never falter
They will remain til the end of days
Til Bifrost breaks and the sky is ablaze
Til Gjallarhorn sounds and they call on their pride
The warriors of Valhall will make their last ride

A Warrior's Tale

A howling wind from years gone by, a storm from times since gone
An ancient sign of strife and war, from nations proud and strong

The dancing trees and broken boughs, fighting through the gale
Whispering songs of ancient times, an ancient warrior's tale
A tale of battle, death and loss, of victory and pride
So gather round the fire my sons, and let your fears be laid aside

A battlecry, with arms open wide
Slaughtering those in our wake
A battlecry, my sword to the sky
Victorious we'll be on this day

Many miles through barren lands, through wilderness of earth and stone
A venture bold and treacherous, of broken flesh and bone
For glory over all before, his name be sung for ever more
The warrior's quest for majesty will take him through the great unknown

The howling wind, an icy gale, sings defeat and death
But a fiery heart and sharpened sword keeps the warmth in their breath

With burning will they cross the fields, their weapons in their hands
To take these lands and burn these homes, they've crossed the oceans to new lands
With spears thumping on their shields, a thunderous and vehement sound
Their eyes shine through helmet steel, as blood runs thick upon the ground

And some, they fall, their bodies broken on the earth
The light leaves their eyes
Their lives though, were not lost in vain
Their names will be sung for ever more

Across The Sea

Holding fast and holding hard, braced against the chilling night
Arms are weary, hands are scarred, the Northwind offers no respite
Creaking timber, lines pulled tight, heavy oars allowed no rest
Forty men work through the night, with broken back and aching chest

Determination fills our hearts, as stars guide us through the waves
A journey plotted on our charts, across the sea to make our names

Forty men fight through the waves, their destiny is in their hands
Leaving their old lives behind, to forge a future in hostile lands
A fleet of brothers westward bound, a kinship made in blood and bone
Following the setting sun into the open sea unknown

A flash of distant lightning calls our senses to alert
The sail is lowered, oars are heaved with all that our men can exert
A towering wave upon our bow throws the men into despair
As cries of fear and trepidation carry through the icy air
A howling gale rips through our ranks and freezes us down to our skin
Prayers are cast into the sky, while other men, they pray within
The vessel tips into the wind, and threatens to capsize
We struggle to retain our oars, fear shining from our eyes

The sky above becomes darker still as starlight is extinguished
Raging winds bring blackened clouds to hide our way - our hope relinquished
Lesser minds filled with regret as men wish to return to home
While others laugh and pull their oars, excitement shaking in their bones
Riding high and crashing down, our ship is battered through the waves
No chance of turning back around - we become the tempest's slaves
A crack of thunder rents the air, a chorus of disharmony
Spurring chants of bravery, the soundtrack to our odyssey

Slaughter From The Shadows

A pair of ravens stands atop the hill,
Watching the valley below,
Perched upon branches of ancient old oak,
Blanketed in winter's first snow,

The firelight flickers through gaps in the trees,
Smoke rising pale through the night,
Watchmen sit slumbering, gathered by the fire,
As Hugin and Munin take flight,

Unsheathing their swords and raising their shields,
A war-band of warriors stands waiting in the trees,
Unknown to their victims, a terrible fate,
In the darkness awaits them, covert and concealed,

Crashing through the undergrowth, helmets glinting in the night,
Swords are raised and axes swung, an atmosphere of fear and fright,

Screams fill the valley,
As peasants fall and children call,
No chance of rally,
As the bell is rung atop the hall,

Thatching burns and houses fall, watchmen die on axe and spear,
A feast of blood and massacre, the village filled with cries of fear,

The way of the warrior, take what can be took by force,
For riches and glory, we slay our foes without remorse,

Raised upon the shield and sword, raised to serve no king or lord,
Claiming what we wish to claim, our victory is our reward,
Riding far across the land, from mountain peaks to ocean sands,
Annihilation is our game, the elements at our command,

A life lived in freedom, a life by the blade,
With spears pointing to the sky, our mighty crusade,
A life of determination, stars as our guide,
Towards the horizon for victory we ride,

Moonlight shining on our blades, reflecting off the bloody earth,
Fire shining in our eyes, we've crushed this town for all it's worth,

Bodies broken on the ground, children weeping for their fate,
But some will fight us for their lives, the bravest of which we will take,

They will now join us,
Learn to feel the soldier's thrill,
They will be warriors,
Taught to fight and taught to kill

Windrider - A Warrior's Tale